Bath Salts for sale online: So why are they so dangerous?

In this week’s Maine news, there was a tragic and troubling tale of a boy who was held on suspicion of arson, robbery, malicious Bath Salts for sale online and felony assault. He was discovered nude in one of two homes where he reportedly broke into, according to a story in the Bangor Daily News. This isn’t a teenage blog post, Oxycodone for sale online but about the hallucinogenic drug police believe he MAY was on that night — bath salts. I admit I know nothing about bath salts, but they are a toxic so-called Abortion Pills for sale online designer product and are harmful. I wanted to read about and discuss it with you.

What is salt in the bath?

Secondly, salts in the water are not salts in the Epsom. Even if they that appear identical, Bath Salts for sale online you ‘re not sprinkling them into the bath water to soothe various aches and pains. The bath salts that people snorkel, drink, ingest or consume to get high are produced from a mixture of cathinone-related synthetic substances, an amphetamine-like stimulant naturally present in the Khat plant. These salts in the bath cause extreme side effects and can last up to 12 days. Some users can feel a heart-racing, anxiety, and lack of recollection, while others can hallucinate, hallucinate, be highly anxious, and show odd actions.

Bath salts appeared in Europe in the early to mid-2000s as party products Oxycodone for sale online and landed in the United States in 2010 where they soon became an enormous problem. Maine had been no different.

The Maine Lunder-Dineen Community Awareness Partnership, which provides electronic health education services, performed comprehensive nationwide work on drug misuse problems in 2011. “They go to clinics and associations and to technical groups, Abortion Pills for sale online ” states Senior Program Director Denise O’Connell. “Everyone said, regardless of where they worked, across the continuum, whether they were a nurse or a doctor or a social worker, ‘We need substance abuse education,’ and bath salts jumped out because it was a huge problem in Maine at that time.”

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